Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

After a couple of weeks of almost non-stop work and deadlines and all kinds of harriedness, Ben and I got to enjoy a wonderful, lazy weekend with absolutely nothing on the agenda.

It was great. 

We did a little shopping and scoping out the big new shopping center in Fort Smith--complete with our city's first-ever and much-anticipated (going on about 10 years now) Target store and highly improved spaces for Books-a-Million, Best Buy and some others. Watched a couple of movies at home (a Dutch WWII Jewish drama called Black Book that came out last year and a documentary, Up the Yangtze, about the personal consequences to the Chinese farmers affected by the flooding of their homes by the Three Gorges Dam project--which was better than it probably sounds), spent several hours reading books at a cafe (including some of those listed in the previous posting), took Marlowe the Wonderdog to the huge dog park here, and just hung out at home doing this and that and enjoying each other's company. No social engagements, though we ran into a few people around town. It was utterly low-key, unstructured, and wonderful. At last, a weekend that felt like a weekend! 

Plus, to make it all better--on Friday I finally bought new pillows for the bed. Nothing fancy, just the best quality pillows K-mart carried. Wow, what a difference that has made! Normally, I build what Ben calls Fort Jenny out of many carefully arranged pillows, which must then all be rearranged in my sleep and restructured any time I turn over (and I'm a turner, practically on a slow rotisserie) during the night. Since getting the new pillows, I've needed only one tiny pillow for my legs and the new one, and I've been sleeping like a log. If logs sleep. Anyway, soundly. A good night's sleep, like a good, lazy weekend, cannot be underestimated. Yay for new pillows! 

Now, off to savor them again...

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Melissa said...

Sleep is lovely. Absolutely lovely.

I always take two pillows and make a "head sandwich" with them. It goes back to when I first moved to DC and wasn't used to how light it was in my first bedroom.

Now I need the pressure of the pillow on my head.

Of course, if I ever get married and die in "my sleep," you better demand an autopsy. I'm just saying.